108 Harley Street will become the first London unit capable of tomosynthesis assisted vacuum biopsy following the installation of the new Hologic mammography and bipsy unit. Memo from Dr Teh:

I am sure you have noticed that we have now installed the new Hologic mammography and biopsy unit.  This will be capable of not only undertaking stereotactic biopsies but will also be the first unit in London capable of tomosynthesis assisted vacuum biopsy.  Applications training is currently taking place through week commencing Monday 20th January.  Unfortunately as the image output from the new mammography unit is not supported by our current printer, we will not be able to print any further hard copies from the new Hologic mammogram unit.  Patients will be given a CD of their mammogram examinations. Hamish, Sally and I are looking into a long term solution to provide local PACS storage and viewing facilities.  In the meantime I am afraid immediate viewing will have to be done on the work station downstairs in Radiology.  All examinations will of course be currently archived onto 3D net and available for viewing on your PCs. 

We will keep all briefed and informed of any developments and updates.

Kind regards




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