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MrGiles Davies is the Director of Breast Surgery at the BUPA Cromwell Hospital the first accredited Specialist Breast Centre and centre of excellence in the BUPA Network. We receive referrals from all over the world and through the National BUPA Network. If you have a new lump or are concerned about any aspect of your breast, we have rapid and comprehensive diagnostic facilities all on site and 98% of our patients will be seen within 48 hours and have all of their tests the same day. Each clinic has a dedicated radiologist alongside Mr Davies and a specialist nurse and all mamograms, ultrasounds, biopsies and other tests are done immediately at the same appointment. The BUPA Cromwell Hospital is based in Kensington London.

The Breast Care Team

Mr Giles Davies Director of Breast Surgery

Professor Robert Leonard Professor of Oncology Imperial College

Professor Sami Shousha Professor of Histopathology Imperial College

Mr Kieran Power Plastic Surgeon and Microvascular Breast Reconstructive Surgeon Royal Marsden Hospital

Mr Theo Nanidis Plastic Surgeon and Microvacular Breast Reconstructive Surgeon Royal Marsden Hospital

Miss Steffanie Espirutu Macmillan Nurse and Lead Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist BUPA Cromwell Hospital

Dr Diana Tait Consultant Clinical Oncologist (Radiotherapy) Royal Marsden Hospital

Dr Tim Crook Consultant Medical Oncology Royal Surrey Hospital and Precision Oncology Lead BUPA Cromwell Hospital 


With clinics available every day, you will have all your investigations on site in one appointment and have results immediately. Most patients will be reassured, but if  you do face a diagnosis of breast cancer, our specialist Macmillan cancer nurses will be there every step of your journey. Please visit the patient experience section of the website to see what other patients feel about service and support we give. We use the latest molecular diagnostic tests such as Oncotype DX and Endopredict to give patients the best choices for treatment working in a multidiscplinary team. Mr Davies has been awarded National Awards for patient experience for the last three years and leads a dedicated Cancer Board at the Cromwell focussed on patient outcomes and delivering excellence in data driven outcomes. We are the leading Hospital in London for precision oncology working with Datar Clinical Genetics allowing us to provide tailored and precise oncology treatments for patiens at every stage of their cancer journey. 

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COE 2019 certificate award

Awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2019 from I Want Great Care

Certificate of Excellence 2018 - I Want Great Care

Awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2018 from I Want Great Care 

The Breast Clinic is a breast surgery specialist and Mr Giles Davies is a specialist breast cancer surgeon and Oncoplastic breast surgeon who can offer a range of Breast surgery treatments and breast reconstruction.

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