I am delighted to have been invited to join the Consultant body at the prestigious King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone London, the hospital of choice for the Royal Family. An exceptional redevelopment of the breast unit has been performed and now a single dedicated floor provides a state of the art facility for purely breast assessment with the latest 3D mammography, Ultrasound and Consulting room all conveniently located together in a unit tastefully and carefully designed for rapid breast assessment. All of my clinics will be so called "one stop" or "rapid diagnostic" meaning that any tests needed (mammogram, ultrasound, guided biopsies by ultrasound, stereotactic biopsies by mammogram) will be done immediately and the results available immediately. By offering a service in this way, with all the clinics supported by a specialist breast care nurse, patients can be seen quickly, and mostly will be reassured. For a woman (or man) with a breast lump, nothing is worse than the unknown, waiting for tests arranged on different days and for those sadly diagnosed with cancer, nothing is worse than being in a crowded waiting room or being left alone and unsupported. 

One of the most impressive things about the King Edward VII Hospital is its legacy and this has defined its level of care. This dedication to outstanding patient care dates back to our beginnings in 1899, when sisters Agnes and Fanny Keyser devoted themselves and their home to caring for sick and wounded officers returning from the Second Boer War. Under Sister Agnes’ steadfast leadership, the Keyser home – 17 Grosvenor Crescent, Belgravia, continued as a hospital for officers after the war. King Edward VII became its first patron and it received generous support from individuals.

These beginnings established the core values and traditions for which the hospital is now  recognised:

• Exceptional nursing care.

• A commitment to all ranks of Service personnel, as well as their husbands and wives. 

• A spirit of philanthropy, underpinned by our network of 2,500 Friends and our charitable subsidies and grants. 

• Royal patronage, from King Edward VII in 1901 to Her Majesty The Queen today.

For more than 100 years, these foundations have enabled us to meet medical needs and advances with consistent clinical excellence. Established in Beaumont Street in the heart of London’s Harley Street district since 1948, we are the only hospital in the UK where consultants must be invited to practise. Our continual investment in state-of the-art facilities and improving our services also keeps us at the forefront of private medical care.Today, King Edward VII’s is the hospital of choice for anyone seeking the best private medical treatment in London.